Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 2 Results

Lots more play in week 2.

62 players played this week, there are currently 69 active players in this tournament.

GC scores were set on several games that will be worth bonus pts at the end of the tourney if they are still the GC score...

Blubboman - Space Station (worth 2 pts)
Tzodd/GravitaR BK (1 pt)
Jeff Blair - Paragon (1 pt)
Kevkat - TOTAN (1 pt)
rev-test - Seawitch (1 pt)

Very high scoring this week an average of 7.3 pts. The scores averaged 260% of the median compared with 208% last week.

There is now a link at the top of the scoreboard to sort it by region! (or just click here)

The region battles are shaping up nicely, luckily I'm in the lowest scoring region.

The leaders are:

seymour-shabow in the East
blubbloman and Xerico in the M/S
Raymond in the Pacific

Keep in mind that some folks are in line to win bonus points at the end of the tourney for their GC scores - those points are NOT currently included in the ranking. The new GC scores worth pts are highlighted on the page so you can see them easily.

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