Thursday, March 11, 2010

Random Crap

There have been 3,995 games played in the RGPL.

Coincidentally, for games that start with the letters A-M there have been 1,997 games played.

For games that start with N-Z, 1,998. Crazy.

Funhouse is the game that scores the most consistently. After 41 games played the GC is only 219% (a little more than double) the median. The average (for machines with at least 20 plays) is that the GC is 807% of the median.

On the other end of the spectrum, Elvis, BSD and SM have the highest ratio of GC/median and the highest standard deviations. Meaning the scores are all over the map on these games.

To show why I use the MEDIAN and not the AVERAGE, for game with at least 20 plays, the median score is 71% of the average score. No game has a higher median than it does average.

The only games worth 3 bonus pts for GC scores are (more than 100 plays):

TZ - 2,501,781,020 - Tzodd/Gravitar
SM - 1,979,830,230 - Beemus
LOTR - 346,684,980 - TBK
WH2O - 1,375,993,670 - Troz
AFM - 28,910,673,170 - Kenbo

Good luck knocking them off.

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