Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010

Week 4 - Time to Move up the Rankings

It's now or never (or next week).

See you in the playoffs.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

RGPL Champion Cup - Mark in NJ

Finally finished the Champion's Cup for the last tournament.

Sorry for the blurry pics - it's grey and gloomy in Seattle today - not good lighting for pics.

Random Crap

There have been 3,995 games played in the RGPL.

Coincidentally, for games that start with the letters A-M there have been 1,997 games played.

For games that start with N-Z, 1,998. Crazy.

Funhouse is the game that scores the most consistently. After 41 games played the GC is only 219% (a little more than double) the median. The average (for machines with at least 20 plays) is that the GC is 807% of the median.

On the other end of the spectrum, Elvis, BSD and SM have the highest ratio of GC/median and the highest standard deviations. Meaning the scores are all over the map on these games.

To show why I use the MEDIAN and not the AVERAGE, for game with at least 20 plays, the median score is 71% of the average score. No game has a higher median than it does average.

The only games worth 3 bonus pts for GC scores are (more than 100 plays):

TZ - 2,501,781,020 - Tzodd/Gravitar
SM - 1,979,830,230 - Beemus
LOTR - 346,684,980 - TBK
WH2O - 1,375,993,670 - Troz
AFM - 28,910,673,170 - Kenbo

Good luck knocking them off.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cliffy Contest Winner

Sometimes being the commish is a tough job (insert whine here).

As I read all the great posts about why people wanted the Cliffy sleeves I decided that it was too tough of a choice to make. There were folks who have none (and want some!), folks who have lots (Michael O'Brien counted his), folks finishing shop-jobs, folks wanting to salve their pinball wounds...

They were all good and I HAD decided to just have a random drawing out of all the folks who mentioned the Cliffys.

That is until Sunday night, when I read Brian's (B Coney) post... Have to give the man credit ("props" for you guys under 30 years old) for his inventive use. He is the winner.

If you didn't read it, here is his post...

Ok, well after my crappy performance on BDK last week, I decided to go to my ol' reliable Breakshot. She only let me down once so I fired her up cold and got 3,073,320 on the first game. Was a little worried, but my second game was a lot better at 14,503,040. Just think how good it
would've been if I had the cliffy colored posts on there!!

I actually REALLY need the colored posts because not only would I use a few on my games, but I just put a deposit down for a 5 week old German Shepherd puppy! Now, it's my experience with these dogs that they are VERY smart, so I was thinking about how I could train it.
Well, I came up with an idea that I could use the colored sleeves to help train the dog. I would put the red ones where the dog wasn't allowed to go and the green ones where it was allowed to go. I would use the yellow for the areas that quite frankly I just didn;t know if it was ok and where it should use caution because it MAY get in trouble or it MAY not, but it was up to the dog to decide. I think they would also come in handy for cleaning up the "wet mess" that the puppy may make before fully trained....I mean the post sleeves HAVE to be at LEAST as absorbant as the Sham WOW right!!!!??? The last few remaining sleves, I would string togeather and make them into a ball so it would have a multi color chew THAT my friends and all knowing commish, is why I NEED those colored post sleves.....have a it for the dog for cripes sake!!!! :)


Week 2 Results

Lots more play in week 2.

62 players played this week, there are currently 69 active players in this tournament.

GC scores were set on several games that will be worth bonus pts at the end of the tourney if they are still the GC score...

Blubboman - Space Station (worth 2 pts)
Tzodd/GravitaR BK (1 pt)
Jeff Blair - Paragon (1 pt)
Kevkat - TOTAN (1 pt)
rev-test - Seawitch (1 pt)

Very high scoring this week an average of 7.3 pts. The scores averaged 260% of the median compared with 208% last week.

There is now a link at the top of the scoreboard to sort it by region! (or just click here)

The region battles are shaping up nicely, luckily I'm in the lowest scoring region.

The leaders are:

seymour-shabow in the East
blubbloman and Xerico in the M/S
Raymond in the Pacific

Keep in mind that some folks are in line to win bonus points at the end of the tourney for their GC scores - those points are NOT currently included in the ranking. The new GC scores worth pts are highlighted on the page so you can see them easily.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kevkat Gone Wild

Usually mild-mannered Kevkat has accomplished the rare feat of setting the GC on both games he played this weekend.

TOTAN & BK. TOTAN was his official score and he doesn't get any extra for the BK score, but holy crap, that's pretty studly.

Scoreboard updated.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Week 2 - Contest and Oops

Week 2 begins....

This weekend's contest:

Tell us why you want or need a pack of 20 of Cliffy's Colored Sleeves. If you have the best/most compelling reason, you win.

Also, on a side note, I missed an email for JJJ early in the week and will be updating the list of qualfied games later today. The punch line (and only change) is that Starship Troopers is now a qualified game.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Week 2 Stuff

Week 2 medians and highs are posted.

New games are:

Bally Game Show
North Star
Time Machine (DE)

Maybe if you play Time Machine you can go back and play it during week one. (Sorry, couldn't help it).

Contest this weekend with Cliffy's Sleeves being the prize - get your begging cap on.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Cliffy's Generosity Bubbles Over

We have a new "sponsor" to add to our list of benefactors.

Now, in addition to Pin Footies from Bryan Kelly and Glare Guards from Mr. 68, we have colored sleeves generously donated for prizes from Cliffy.

Everyone thank Cliffy, without whom my Elvis wouldn't be nearly as cool.

Tzodd/gravitaR runs off with the prize

Tzodd/gravitaR has won this week's drawing.

Apparently the rich get richer since he already has some RGPL swag from being a previous champion. Congrats.

He also holds the distinction of being the person with BY FAR the most games submitted towards qualifying machines.

A true friend and future Hall-of-Fame member in the RGPL.

Prize drawing

A little later tonight I'm gonna announce the winner of Week 1's contest.

Remember it is a random drawing out of the people who posted by Saturday night.

42 folks are eligible. Winner wins choice of Glard Guard or Pin Footies.

Just have to get the names together and... Poof. There'll be a winner.

Making a list, checking it twice

Clearly I'm not as well organized as Santa, because I didn't check my list twice.

I missed Steve-O's post. My humble apologies.

I will update the scoreboard with his score and a few more locations/regions later tonight.

Week 1 done - 61 players strong

After week 1 of the latest RGPL tournament, here is some arbitrary info:

Four guys lead with 11 points: blubboman, Les Manley, seymour-shabow & Xerico.

With the new playoff format, regions matter.

The Midwest/South region looks tough as 3 of the 4 leaders are from that region. (blubbo, Les, Xerico)

The East is led by Seymour-shabow with Ray in NJ only 1 point behind.

The Pacific region (go Zach!) is led by Bobby Conover & Raymond with 10 points each.

Although there were 4 GC scores set this weekend (the four leaders), only Seymour-shabow set the GC on a machine with enough plays to earn bonus points if it still stands at the end of the tourney. It was on STTNG (worth 2 points). If you read his post, you'll see that it could/should have been even higher.

Average score was 5.7 points and 210% of the median.

Yours truly (the hero of this story) is tied for 14th!

Get me you locations and mug shots!