Monday, August 31, 2009

Kaput - Kaboom - So Long - Auf Wiedersehen

Too much other crap to do to continue to run the RGPL in a proper manner.
Wanted to run this one last tournament (it's week 2) but it is evident that I can't give it the time necessary to do it well.

Therefore, effective immediately, the RGPL is on hiatus for ????????

Thanks to everyone for playing, I had a lot of fun.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

2nd Game Bailouts

So far this weekend there have been 15 scores posted.

For the first 2 players, their first score was better than their second score.

For the next 13 players (and counting), their second score was better than their first. Zoiks.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Week 2 - Play Now!

Three new games are qualified for week 2, continuing the trend of adding EM games to the mix. They are Iron Maiden, Bobby Orr's Power Play and Joker Poker.

Tough competition this time around, so grab your lucky charm b4 you play this week.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stats'll be late

Going out of town in search of the mythical "Golden Pinball". My trip should make Columbus, Cortez, Ponce de Leon, Indiana Jones & Laura Croft look like they were out for a Sunday drive.

Won't be back 'til Wed.

If you can't wait 'til then to see the stats, I declare myself in 1st place 'til we see otherwise.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dennis NOT Dennisn't

I robbed Dennis of his credit for the GC score on HS. It's now corrected.

Incidentally, that knocks Pinballed down to 4 GC scores (still nothing to sneeze at).

Friday, August 21, 2009

All-time leaders

The all-time point totals have been updated here ...

TBK overtakes Tzodd for the all-time lead.

The next 10...

Rare Hero
RD Reynolds
Michael O'Brien
Pinball Charlie

Clearly in my case, perseverance wins out over skill or talent....

Special Thanks to Shrekman

He may not have much to do with the data or the website anymore, but my Co-Commish Shrekman has talked me down off of many a ledge while running the RGPL.

Always there when I needed to bounce ideas or crab about an email I got from an unhappy player, without him the death and carnage that I would have caused is unspeakable.

While the weekly stats and info may be due to my work, our very lives are owed to his sage advice and understanding.

Long live Shrekman

Week 1 - Everyone's tied for 1st

Time to crank up another (and possibly last in a while) version of the RGPL.

Currently I am in first. There's no stopping me now.

Play your hearts out and sell your soul to El Diablo, you're gonna need his help.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

GC Scores

After updating the medians and highs for the new tournament, these are the folks who currently hold more than one GC score....

Rare Hero - 6
TBK - 6
Pinballed - 5
Blubboman - 4
Brian Bannon - 4
Ed Wood - 4
LAR - 4
Llabrevlis - 4
Nick M - 4
Ronkz650 - 4
Seymour-shabow - 4
Xerico- 4
DanG - 3
Max Badazz - 3
Michael O'Brien - 3
Rev-Test - 3
Steve-O - 3
Tzodd/Gravitar - 3
Beemus - 2
Fastford2 - 2
John Pursglove - 2
Kenbo - 2
Les Manley - 2
Pinzach - 2
Raddroxx - 2

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Final Tournament Results

Open Div

1. Pinballed (50)
2. Brian (48)
3. LAR (45)

Champs Div

1. Xerico (58)
2. TBK (57)
3. Kenbo (50)

We're gonna have to penalize Brian next tournament for being the highest ranked player without a photo. Maybe he's really someone's alter ego.

Rev-Test straggled in and finished 4th in the Open Div. He was the only player to finish with 3 GC scores (Seawitch, Flash Gordon, Grand Lizard)

Butterflygirl24 and seymour-shabow finished tied for 5th.

Everyone's favorite Tax/ShrekMan finished 7th and yours truly finished 19th. Therefore I am declaring everyone who finished better than 19th a cheater and disqualifying you. So I win!

See ya next week.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Week 5 early results

It looks like Pinballed has pulled out the victory over Brian. It was a close race. LAR finished 3rd.

Full results later today after I wait on stragglers.

In an even closer race, Xerico holds the lead over TBK by one point. It was two points before the bonus points.... Each received two bonus points for GC scores, but TBK also received a bonus point for recruiting Matt Topper to play. Remember that if you recruited someone at the beginning of the tourney and they played at least 3 of the weeks, you get a bonus point.

TBK, qbert-WPC and rev-test all got a point for recruiting.

So, with it down to a one point diff between Xerico and TBK, if by some miracle there is a straggler score today that takes down one of Xerico's GC scores, they could end up tied.

Seven players ended up the tourney with 2 new GC scores (and, of course, two bonus points for them)... they were...


Nice going.

Last I heard from them, Michael O'Brien and Nick M were coming back to play in the Champs Division next round - adding in Pinballed will make for a very competitive Champs Division starting next week.

Kontest Winner

Pinball Charlie smoked the contest by quickly posting a score and grabbing the letter "S".

There were 7 games posted starting with "S", the next closest was "T" with 4.

Congrats PBC, send me your info so I can ship.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Week 5 Kooky Kontest

Since week 5 is usually a little slow (not everyone plays if they are way behind, bummer), we're having a contest rewarding early play.

The winner gets BOTH a Glare Guard and a set of Pin Footies.

Here goes...

The winner is the player who posts his/her score first on a certain machine. That machine is determined by the first letter of the name of the game that is played the most often this weekend. How's that for confusing? In other words, if there are more games played on machines that start with the letter "S" (Sorcerer, SS, SM, etc) than any other letter by the end of the weekend, then the first player who posted a score on any machine that starts with the letter "S" wins the prize.

For example, if several people play T2 and TZ and TOTAN and thus the letter "T" is the most popular first letter this weekend, the person who posted first on any of those games wins the prize.

Therefore, we won't know 'til the end of the weekend who wins because we won't know what first letter is played the most. But, you know it will behoove you in the contest to be the first to post a score on a machine that starts with a letter that hasn't been posted yet.

Only the better of your two scores counts toward figuring out which game was played the most, so if you play two different machines, only the one that you did better on counts towards figuring out the contest.

Good Luck

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Week 4 results

Week 4 was the lowest scoring week this tournament (actually the lowest in the last 14 weeks) with the average being 200% of median (for the better score that was used).

Xerico holds the edge in the Champs Division, TBK has moved/grooved into 2nd. Kenbo is 3rd.

In the Open Division, Pinballed is 1st, two points ahead of Brian, who is only one point ahead of seymour-shabow for 3rd. Keep in mind that in the upcoming final week you get a bonus point if you have set and still hold the GC on a game anytime during this tourney. Games currently in line to get that point are highlighted in yellow on the rankings page.

This week highs were set on:

FT - Les Manley
HS - Dennis
Silverball Mania - Homebrood
Solar Fire - Bob Langelius
Medusa - Brain Bannon

Rev-Test also broke the previous GC on HS but was eclipsed by Dennis. That's what friends are for.

The ongoing drama continues for Taxman and myself, trying to crack the top. Taxman has dropped to 5th, but only 2 points out of 3rd. I am firmly planted in 18th.

This week's close shave award goes to Pinballed who missed another point by scoring 98.9% of the median (100% would have meant another point). Bummer. Of course that hurts less when you are in first place.

Have lots of pics I need to add to the blog and the rankings page.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

GC score holders

The following is the list of players who currently hold more than one GC score...

Nice going...

Player # of GC
---------------------------------- ---------------
Rare Hero 6
Pinballed 5
Xerico 5
Blubboman 4
Brian Bannon 4
Ed Wood 4
Llabrevlis 4
Nick M 4
Ronkz650 4
seymour-shabow 4
Tzodd/Gravitar 4
DanG 3
Max Badazz 3
Michael O'Brien 3
Steve-O 3
-Al 2
Beemus 2
John Pursglove 2
Kenbo 2
Pinzach 2
raddroxx 2
Rev-Test 2

Week 3 Results

The scores are in for week 3.

The Champ's Div is pretty tight with Xerico holding a two point lead over Kenbo and a four point lead over TBK.

In the Open Div, Pinballed has put a little bit of distance between himself and second place raddroxx. Just one point behind raddroxx for third place is a tie between Taxman & seymour-shabow (who from his picture looks a lot like the Q - so I'm surprised he doesn't play STTNG).

On the look-a-like subject, gonna have to say that llabrevlis should be singing "Old time Rock and Roll" and maybe "Against the Wind" for an encore.

Probably shoulnd't have brought up the look-a-like subject, God only knows who I look like.

GC scores were set this week on:

CSI - raddroxx
Fast Draw - seymour-shabow
Space Invaders - John Pursglove
Pharaoh - llabrevlis
Black Rose - Raymond

Had fun at Ground Kontrol in Portland meeting fellow RGPLers Rev-test and Dennis. Didn't have much time to stay & play, but hopefully will get down for a longer session soon. (Actually I just ran away frightened by their good scores and didn't want to get my butt kicked).

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Stats delayed

I'm out of town for the next couple of days, stats for the weekend won't be posted til Tues or Wed.

I wonder if this happens in the NFL.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

How mad do you get?

New poll in the right column... Pony up your worst scenario.

Improved Shout Box for Qualifying

Put your qualifying requests and scores and bitches in the new shout box on the right under the RGPL links.